Slim Carbon Fiber Money Clip: 3-year Guarantee!


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2 Year Guarantee!
Material:Carbon Fiber
Type:Carbon Fiber Money Clip
Size:Holds up to 40 bills
Form Factor:Extra Slim
Contents:Cards or Bills

Leave that bulky wallet at home and replace it with a durable minimalistic carbon fiber money clip. Use it for years to come. Wear those slim-fit pants with little visual bulging.

These clips are guaranteed to keep your money safe, all you need to worry about is looking good!

Why a Carbon Fiber Money Clip!

  • Simplistic and Thin design.
  • Extremely strong money clip material (Carbon Fiber).
  • Very Quick accessibility to your funds.

Warp Resistant Money Clip

Keeps a secure hold on your money!

Money clip holds up to 40 bills at once and returns to its original shape.

No need to worry about bills falling out of the clip unless removed by you.

rust resistant carbon fiber money clip
genuine carbon fiber clip