Personal Wearable Neck Fan: Around the Neck Fan with Free Shipping


Weight:9.1 OZ
Size: Length:7.8 inches
. Width:7.8 inches
. Height:2.4 inches
Charger:USB Type C
Orientation:Sloped design to avoid direct face wind.
Battery Life:Up to 15 hrs
Wearable Neck Fan Cooler
  • Running time: 4-16 hours
  • Sound: < 40 dB
  • Charging Time: 3-5 Hours
  • Speed: 3 Different Speeds
  • Tech: 360 Degress Air Movement

Keep cool no matter what using a portable neck fan! Enjoy over 10 hours of cool breeze circling not only the neck but the entire face because of carefully engineered fins allowing this around the neck fan to adequately cool your entire upper body area.

This wearable neck fan is made of a lightweight material to increase comfort during everyday use.

JISULIFE Around the Neck Fan

wearable neck fan

3 – 16 hours run time depending on the speed of the speed setting of the neck fan.

Durable enough to wear through the day.

Take 3 -5 hours to full charge so charge overnight and the around the neck fan will last the entire day.

Wearable Neck Fans

Designed to look similar to earphones and can easily be mistaken for such.

A practical device while also being a fashion accessory

The around the neck fan has 78 ventilation holes that keep your entire face cool. Can be used by both kids and adults.

Inlets are water-resistant avoiding sweat and dust from entering over time.

One button controls everything: speed and turns on and off.

Or use heat from a hairdryer.

personal neck fan
around the neck fan

Brushless 3 speed fan

Bladeless design reduces the chances of injury. The brushless fan is hidden on the inside of the wearable neck fan.

Up to 3 speeds. These speeds directly affect your battery life.

1 – 16 hrs

2 – 9 hrs

3 – 4 hrs

Dual air intake channels allow for even more win to be redirected towards your face.

wearable around teh neck fan