Samsung Galaxy A71 A70 A51 A50 A30 A30s A20 A21s Magnetic Charger Cable

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Package: 3 Magnetic plugs & 2 magnetic cables
Shipping: Free
Cable Length: m / 3.3 ft
Type: Type C
Tech: Adaptive Fast charging

🧲 Compatibility – The cable is compatible with ALL Type C Samsung phones: A20, A21s A20s, A30, A30s A50, A51, A70, A71s, A90, etc (we have not listed all the A-series phones with USB C but all are supported).
🧲 Universal Cable – Use one magnetic charger for ALL your devices.
🧲 Phone Protection – Your Samsung phone’s next charging cord snag might just be its last! Magnetic cables automatically disconnect on any snags or drops or pull hence saving your phone port.
🧲 Dust Proof – Magnetic connectors also serve as a dustproof plug for your device preventing foreign objects from entering your device.
🧲 High-quality – Our braided magnetic cables are guaranteed to best satisfy your safe & fast charging needs.

High-Quality Magnetic Charging Cables for Samsung A series devices.


  • Length 1m
  • Tested for extra strength and security.
  • Automatic charging port dust plug to keep your device clean.
  • Soft blue light making the cable easier to find during the night.
  • Quality Nylon braided USB magnetic charger cable.
  • Our Magnetic Cables are made from quality copper to reduce resistance and increase charging speed and current.
  • A strong magnetic USB cable connection which automatically snaps in the best position to the magnetic connector when in proximity.
  • For fast charging, these magnetic USB charging cables need to be paired with your own fast charger ( most likely the best charger is the came with your device ).
  • Supports
    • Samsung adaptive fast charging magnetic cable – 3A – 10V used by SAmsung Galaxy A51, A50, A71 A70,A30 A30s A20 A21s



    Supports Fast Charge with All Samsung A Series Devices

    This is a magnetic charging cable for Samsung A series devices (Samsung Galaxy A70 , A50 , A51, A30 , A20, A30s A20 A21s).


    Unsupported Devices

    Other devices will work but might not charge as fast as their full capacity for example the One plus 7 pro will charge because its warp charging technology is not supported you will need this model cable instead.

    If your device is not listed here contact us and we will respond within 24 hours with which magnetic charging cable is best for you.