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What is a Dust Plug or Port Protector, Never Just Use it on A Phone Do This Instead!

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If you found this article, this means you are already concerned about the longevity of your device. Therefore your purchase/interest in port plugs is directly related to the goal of protecting your phone from possible water damage or lint build-up over time in your device from putting the phone in our pockets.

How does Cellphone Dust Plug Protection Work

As you have probably heard, port protectors or port plugs are plastic plugs placed in your device charging ports to protect them.

But dust plugs have one very crucial design flaw!

You have to remove them at some point. For example, to charge your device. While this may not immediately seem like a problem, let’s look a little deeper; what is the number one cause of port damage?

  • Dust – no?
  • Water in port – no?
  • Then what is it?

The number one cause of port damage is the wear and tear from inserting and removing your charging cable from the phone.

So what are these port plugs protecting your phone from? This then brings us to the next question

Are Dust Plugs Necessary?

The short answer to this question is No. The long answer is it depends. So let us see why.

The longer you have owned a device, the more having a dust plug will become beneficial because the likelihood of water seeping into your phone/tablet via a charging port or a build-up of lint increases over time. Increasing the risk of electricity shorts. A dust plug may be a cute accessory if you keep a device for a few months then upgrade/change it. For everyone else you better get one!

As mentioned at the beginning there is a much better solution than a dust plug to protect your device.

It is called a magnetic charging cable.

These cables consist of two parts:

  1. A magnetic plug.
  2. The magnetic cable.

It is the perfect mix of a port plug that charges your device. Eliminating every need to every remove the plug from your device.

You will reduce the strain on your charging port because the magnetic tip disconnects under too much pressure and can be left in indefinitely.

See the video below and upgrade your device protection!