USB-C to USB-C Magnetic Charging Cable: 100W Type C Magnetic Cable for Laptops and Phones


You Save: $16.00 (41%)

    What’s Included

Cable Length: 1 m / 3.3 ft
Color: Black
Type: Type C to Type C magnetic charging cable
Watts: Up to 100 Watts!

🧲 Protect your charging port from damage!
🧲 Your phone or laptop next charging cord snag might be the last! Bring MagSafe-like magnetic charging to all your newer high-end devices with fewer cables. One cable can charge infinite devices, just pair with the appropriate magnetic tip.
🧲 Our high-quality braided magnetic USB C to USB C cable is guaranteed to satisfy your safe & fast charging needs.

Our USB-C magnetic cables will charge All devices with a Type C charger (see image below). If you do not have a Type-c charger, go here instead.

usb c to usb c magnetic cable

This magnetic USB-C cable supports Warp Charging with the OnePlus Series with the 65 Watt Warp Charger Currently used by the OnePlus 8 & OnePlus 9.

Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20, S21 ….

Examples of laptops with Apple MacBook Air, HP Chromebook, Lenovo ThinkPad, HP SPECTRE, and more …

This list is not conclusive! If you have another device that is not listed, that does not mean it is unsupported. Generally, all USB C chargers which power USB C devices will work with this cable.
If necessary, send us a message here with your device model. We will respond asap with the correct cable for you.

We recommend purchasing TWO magnetic cables. One for the car and one for the home, to avoid switching (which means you won’t have to remove the magnetic tip).

Tired of accidents, frayed cables, and shortages, damaged or dusty ports. If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t know there’s an inexpensive yet effective solution to all these problems.

Braided Magnetic Type-C to Type C USB Charging Cables!

  • Length: 1 m
  • Nylon braided for extra strength and security.
  • Durable MAGNETIC FAST CHARGING and DATA sync compatible.
  • Lightning symbol soft blue led indicator – ideal for finding the end of the magnetic cable in all lighting.
  • USB Type-C magnetic connector. These tips function as dust plugs when inserted into your device.
  • Blind insertion because of strong enhanced magnet connection.
  • Capable of 100 Watt fast charging.
  • USB C PD Magnetic Cable compatible
  • Warp charge, Samsung fast charge, Vooc Compatible
  • Safer & More Durable – the thickened cores increase the conduction area and easily carry a very high current.


Why use a Type-C to Type-C magnetic cable?

Interested in wireless charging but find it inconvenient to use your phone when doing so? Or have you had to pay for the dreaded port repair because of a strained charging port?

No more damaged ports as our magnetic cables disconnect automatically on angled pressure. Thanks to this simple, yet innovative magnetic design, our braided shielding provides extra durability and protection.

Is it necessary to use a USB-C Charging block/station with the cable?

The charging block provides the current and voltage passing through the cable as well as the connector. So yes, you will need a Type C charging block. See the image below!

In other words, to achieve the full charging speed, you need the correct warp charge block and the cable to match.

IMPORTANT NOTE some of the newer devices use Type-C adapter. Therefore you will need to choose a OnePlus Type-C to Type-C magnetic cable (in the connection drop-down above). Check to make sure your charger supports the standard Type-C USB connection. See below for an example.

oneplus type a to type c charger
Type-A to Type-C chargeruse this cable instead
oneplus type c to type c charger
TYPE-C to TYPE-C charger – supported