Medical Smart NotePad For Doctors and Nurses! Digitize Note With Doctor Notepads Reusable NoteBook

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Reusable over 500 times, scannable and water resistant. This Smart Notepad / Notebook will be the last book you'll need! Save trees while saving time.
Included:1x Pen, 1x cleaning cloth, 1x Medical Smart NotePad
Sizes:A5 – 100 pages | B5 – 60 pages | A7 – 80 pages
Reusability:500 + times

Smart notebook sizing chart

What You Get

what you get
Smart NotePad Details
  • B5 Pages: 60 pages
  • A5 Pages: 100 pages
  • A7 Pages: 80 pages
  • Reusability: 500 times
  • Included Smart Doctor NotePads, Erasable Pen
  • Smart water resistant paper.
  • Estimated saves over 500 pages
medical notebook

Save trees and reduce stress while also saving lives and being more organized!

Introducing a reusable notebook suitable for doctors, nurses, or any physician in the medical profession. Save all of your patient notes using our erasable notepads. The use of this type of notepad is not limited to a Doctor but anyone who takes a multitude of notes daily.

No need to use abrasion like rubbers or ink out. Just scan your notes then wipe with a clean damp cloth, and your notebook will be ready to use again. Our Doctors Notepad can be reused 100s of times without the fear of damage. A Physician can fill the notepad, then digitize notes with tags or even use OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Then erase, to ensure even wear on all the pages and extend the life of your reusable notepad to its maximum.

Doctor Notepads Faq

Doctor’s Notepad Features

Doctor Notepad Sizes

Medical NotePad for Doctors & Nurses

smart doctors notepad

Included – 1x Erase Pen, 1x Cleaning Cloth, and 1x Smart Notepad.

Dash and Dotted lines on each page turn for various applications.

Predetermined Day and Date selector at top of the page. Making this the perfect medical notebook for Doctors

Pages are made of a smart polymer which allows for smart erasability but only when you want to erase.

smart notebook

Rated for over 500 erases per page!

  • Use a damp clean cloth to erase.
  • The Pen eraser.
  • Heat from a hairdryer.
Doctor Notepad
  • Scan pages using our mobile app by simply taking a picture.
  • Automatically crop and rotate scans.
  • Convert scanned pages to editable text.
  • Sync with multiple apps like DropBox, Evernote, Mail, iCloud, etc.
  • Tag patient documents for easy access later.