NUEgg™: 3 Layer Rolling Refrigerator Egg Holder

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Quickly access your freshest eggs with just one hand! Never again have to remove and open a carton each time you need eggs. Just load up the NUEgg once and go! Stackable for those who use many eggs, like gym goers or families.

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This is the most convenient Egg Dispenser!! I love the easy access and how the eggs simply roll forward. No awkward top to remove to retrieve eggs. Which also means you can stack light items on top. GET IT NOW!!

Staci T

NUEgg Egg Tray

egg tray plastic

Eggs roll to the front of the NUEgg automatically! Due to its gentle angled design! Gone are the days where you have to remove the Egg Tray cover or the entire egg carton to take out eggs. (Don’t worry your eggs wont crack when they roll forward).

Especially useful when you are cooking in a hurry. Making single-arm operation easier.

egg holder tray

The NuEgg Fridge Egg Holder is made from food-grade plastic, which is safe environmentally friendly, and durable.

Its Stackable up to 3 layers that is 54 eggs!

You may also store other things on top of the NUEgg. Rest assured your eggs will be safe due to its sturdy design. Saving space in your fridge for the other groceries.

Our Multi-Layer egg storage container is balanced, stackable, and sturdy. The clear design makes it easy to tell how many eggs are left.

The materials are temperature resistant and will hold up for years in the fridge. A smooth finish ensures very easy cleaning.

refrigerator egg holder


What is it made of?

The NUEgg is made of durable Eco-friendly plastic.

What size is this egg holder in the fridge?

The NUEgg is stackable. Each tray is 7cm (h), 21.5cm (w), 28.5cm (l).