High-Quality Minimal Steel Closet Space Organizer (6 Pack)

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You Save: $15.83 (37%)

Strong, Minimal and Effective! This space saving Universal Metal Clothes Closet Organizer is an essential part of a cluttered wardrobe. Store your clothes in 3 Dimensions.

Capacity:6 Hangers Vertically, 12 Horizontally
Size: 26 * 7.5 cm
Material: Stainless Steel

Stay Organized!

Space savings will vary depends on the type of clothes

Save Space!

  • Solid: Made of stainless steel strong enough to support your winter attire and more!
  • Functional: Store and classifiy your collection (see the before and after).
  • Smooth: Polished stainless steel finish with smooth edges to stop snagging of clothes.
  • Flexible: Up to 270 degree rotation on both end hooks

Organize Like a Pro

Store and classify your collection like a pro! Separate your winter and summer clothes or just color code your wardrobe.

Use the Space Organizer in one of two ways. Attach both hooks to store horizontally (up to 12 hangers per organizer) or disconnect and store vertically (6 hangers) saving spacing while looking classy.