NUScope™: Home Ear Wax Cleaner Remover with Camera


You Save: $29.01 (23%)

Don’t EVER clean your ear with Q-tips again! The NUScope Shows you where to touch and how far to go. Eliminate ear infections and those pesky doctor or ER visits from ear blockages. Clean you ears carefully and properly with the NUScope.

Material:Aluminum Alloy
Ear Picks:From Silicone to food grade Plastic

NUScoop The Perfect Home Ear Cleaner

Protect Your Ears

If you leave your ears they will become blocked, if you clean them they can also become impacted, and, you guessed it…. blocked again.

Don’t worry the NUScoop is here to scoop in!

It is now possible to clean your ears safely when you need to from the comfort of your own home. All you need is the NUScoop, our imaging app, and a cell phone.


Thoughtful Production!

The NUScoop is armed with soft but firm comfortable food grade and skin-safe interchangeable tips to allow you to reach all those hard angles in many different types of ear canals.

The NUScoop’s bright led light keeps your ear illuminated while you search for those pesky stubborn pieces of wax.

Its intelligent temperature-controlled system warms up the NUScoop to body temperature when on to avoid discomfort.

More Features!

Lastly, but most importantly the High-Quality 4MP camera revolutionizes home ear cleaning.

The NUScoop wirelessly connects to your Apple or Android phone via WIFI showing you in real-time with its 30 FPS video camera. Allowing you to clearly see and differentiate wax from eardrums. You can accurately see how far you need to clean or even if you need to clean.

Remove the guessing game and stop playing with your hearing.

It’s Fancy for a Reason!

The NUScoop features a sleek magnetic base that doubles as a charging station.

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